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RNA in the news.  Part 2

RNA in the news. Part 2

March 14, 2021

RNA, the lesser known "cousin" of DNA, is currently in the news because of the new vaccines for COVID-19.  In this program Dr. Scripture addresses several questions about the content and safety of this new type of vaccine.

RNA in the news

RNA in the news

March 8, 2021

RNA--RiboNucleic Acid--is not only what the COVID-19 virus' genetic material is composed of, the new vaccines against the virus are also composed of RNA--messenger RNA (mRNA) to be precise.  Dr. Scripture discusses the amazing properties of RNA, and explains some of the vaccine's characteristics.

Creation Prayers Part 45.  Isa 64

Creation Prayers Part 45. Isa 64

March 2, 2021

This lengthy prayer of confession appeals to the Creator as the Potter and their Father.  It is an excellent example for all who would humbly plead for God's mercy and help.

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